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Welcome to the future of Travel in Malawi! Our goal is simply to give you the options you deserve when you plan your next excursion. We believe that everyone should participate in enjoying the captivating beauty of our Country. And Tiyeni will be there with you every step of the way. Lets go Differently!

We Are...

Mobile First

From the very beginning, we always knew that mobile was the way we wanted our users to plan and book for their travel experiences.

Community Driven

We stand back and watch you decide what the most popular destinations should be. Let the community narrate our tourism story.


You have a two-room Challet in Nkhata-Bay? Or maybe you own a 3-star Hotel in Lilongwe? We ensure that you get an equal viewership.

Alternative Travel

Whether you are getting there by Kabaza or you have a Car, Tiyeni is about giving you a uniquely Malawian travel experience.

Discover your dream destination with the Tiyeni Travel App

  • Tiyeni gives you the useful information you need to plan around your travels.
  • We have gone at length to flesh out an intuitive Interaction during your planning and booking.
  • We are all about economic inclusion of the locals living around toursit destinations.
  • Listing with us will always be for FREE. Let your lodge be noticed worldwide, because it is that awesome!
  • No middle man. No problem. We help you find places that match your preferences and budget so you can go differently!
  • We are revolutionizing the Tourism Industry in Malawi by making Booking and Payments effortless

Key Features

Native on Both iOS and Android

The app will be available on PlayStore and AppStore from Day One!

Reviews & Ratings

Get honest feedback from real users about places you plan to visit

Advanced Filters

Search for exactly what you are looking for with advanced fine-grained filters

Bookings and Reservations

Manage your entire Booking directly from our app, from Enquiry to Checkin!

Bookmark Destinations

Keep a wishlist of your favorite places, and revisit it any time...

Get Involved!

Call a fisherman for a canoe ride on the lake or request for a local Tour Guide of Mt Mulanje directly from our app

No Need for a Booking System

If you have a licensed lodge, Tiyeni will be your booking system, for FREE. Manage all your rooms and reservations from your phone!

And many more

Exciting features coming your way...

App Screens

List on Tiyeni is and will ALWAYS be for FREE.
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We love to hear from you: whether you have an exciting Malawian Experience you would like to share or a cool new Feature you want to Request!

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